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We’re proud of the work we do to save our members time and money. Before you decide whether we’re right for you, take a moment to read what our members have to say. If you like what you see, give us a call. We’d like nothing more than to see your name right here in the very near future.

“We went from zero to 100 miles an hour in no time.  All the basics are done for you, and there’s a tremendous amount of flexibility.

We have locations all over the country, and with Premier REACH™, we are able to honor the culinary traditions of each region. It would have been tremendously expensive to line up all the resources needed to make this happen, but with Premier REACH™, everything was taken care of – trademarks, legal work, graphics, POS materials, uniform design, recipes, product lists and menus. This program offers on-trend concepts, high quality ingredients and the ability to tailor our offerings. Every concept we tried resulted in sales boosts over previous years, and all exceeded expectations for value, taste, quality and speed of service.”

–  Joe Pulido, vice president food, beverage and merchandise, Americrown

“With Premier REACH™, we standardized our shopping lists, which ensured product, menu and nutritional consistency at every school in our system.  We also received price protection, discounts negotiated on a much larger scale than before, Child and Adult Care Food Program compliance and immediate notification of product recalls.”

– David Lear, senior director, Knowledge Universe

 “Premier REACH™ provides an enormous amount of support. When I needed a hot dog with no nitrates, they found it. I can download community education presentation and menus with child-friendly icons right from their website. It’s like having an extra person on my staff.

The switch to Premier REACH™ benefits us in terms of time and money.  We now spend much less time on line item bids and on locating hard-to-find, healthy items, while saving $2,000 monthly in food costs.”

– Barb Nissel, food service supervisor, Great Valley School District, PA

 “We are working on a full program for K-12 schools with all the products they want, best pricing and menu solutions.  Once they understand everything Premier REACH™ offers, schools will get out of the mode of time-consuming line item bids.

Premier REACH™ has done an awesome job. We have bakery companies on contract with whole grain versions of just about everything; and a whole grain macaroni and cheese was developed with a major vendor, which has been a huge hit with kids as well as a successful retail product for the manufacturer.”

– Debbie Headrick, director of dietary, Avera PACE, chairperson of Premier K-12 foodservice committee

“Premier REACH™ and US Foods provided us with a level of support way beyond what we expected. The progress we have made was made possible only by this partnership; without it, we’d be just another campus foodservice. The final product was exactly what we had hoped for and we got there quicker and better than we would have on our own.

We look forward to taking things to the next level, over and over and over.”

– Kris Klinger, director of USC hospitality, USC

“Premier REACH™ is a true strategic partner. They offered us support with product sourcing, procurement, selection, recipe ideas, translating the menus into a format that worked with our current system, line staff training; virtually everything we needed.”

–  Executive chef Eric Ernest, USC

 “Premier REACH™ has created significant pricing stability for us in the last nine years compared to the volatile pricing without GPO protection. We enter into contracted manufacturer agreements, giving the manufacturers tremendous combined volume of Premier REACH™ members focusing on choosing those brands, allowing them to either lock in prices or put minimal price increase caps over the length of the CMA. I am proud to say we have maintained the same cost of goods sold percentage over the last five years while initiating very limited price increases to our customers (less than 4 percent total increase over five years).”

– Paul Melchior, director of San Diego State University dining services, San Diego State University

 “After signing up with Premier REACH™, we noticed substantial savings that we did not think were possible without a single substitution in the product or specification. We learned that the power of Premier REACH™ is in purchasing volume. We always assumed we were paying the lowest prices based on our diligent negotiations, were we ever wrong! Thanks Premier REACH™.”

– Deon Lategan, director of dining services, Colorado State University

 “We began to work with Premier REACH™ less than a year ago because we felt they were the best choice for providing the university access to a contract portfolio which could offer us significant savings on our food purchases.  In a short time we realized that the savings on food were exceptional, but the opportunities go way beyond food.  Various departments of the university have also been able to utilize contracts ranging from uniforms to radiological equipment and the really great part is we know we have just begun.

We look forward to being able to continually expand our access to all of the diverse contract offerings.   Premier REACH™ also distinguishes itself by the people who have chosen to work for the organization and for us the members; to a person they are a knowledgeable, responsive, and completely dedicated group who work tirelessly to bring value to our campus.”

–  Gerry Remer, director supply chain and sustainability, Yale University