Save money on supplies and services through Premier REACH™

communityOrg_000018461969MediumWhy should the size of your organization determine how much you pay for the products and services you use every day? Just because you’re a smaller organization doesn’t mean you have to pay more for office supplies, equipment, payroll processing, employee benefits and other products and services than larger companies.

Not to mention, do you have the time or resources to review contracts and vendors for every single product to make sure they’re offering the highest quality products, at the lowest prices?

That’s where we come in.

We can help cut costs, purchase quality supplies and manage your procurement process.
Premier REACH™ can help you save an average of 6 to 13 percent on products and services you buy every day. Not only will you outshine the competition, but you’ll also exceed your guests’ needs -whether it’s through exceptional food, clean facilities or the latest technology and equipment.

Through our contracts, offering industry-leading prices, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about your procurement process and more time focusing on what’s important.

Sure, your biggest need is food. But we also offer other categories to cover most of your needs, including:

Save money on top-quality items critical to providing healthy meals through our exclusive contract with US Foods
Keep your facilities clean at a reduced cost through contracts for products to disinfect and clean general surface areas and flooring
Office supplies & business equipment
Access savings on a wide array of office supplies, from furniture to toner cartridges, pens, paper, folders and even copiers and fax machines
From can liners to flooring, plumbing products to HVAC equipment controls and supplies, we’ve got you covered
Save on products like PCs, monitors, printers and copiers
Administrative, human resources and employee benefits
Save on payroll services, staffing systems, credit card processing and background checks

Why Premier REACH?

We are backed by the power of the Premier alliance, aggregating the purchasing volume of approximately 3,400 U.S. hospitals and 110,000 other providers of care. And we make it even easier to manage your supply chain expenses with our procure-to-pay tool.

Leveraging our purchasing power on your behalf, we can help you save an average of 6 to 13 percent on products and services you buy every day.